Why choose us?

At Bureau Girón we work daily to offer a personalised service to all our clients.

Affiliated Administrator

Entrust the management of your community to a qualified professional.

Quarterly reports

Be always up to date regarding your community's expenses.

Debtors management

Extrajudicial actions to keep debtors to a minimum.

Available when you need us

Virtual office with documents accessible online. Emergency service operational 24 hours a day.

About ourselves

About us

Bureau Girón is a community administrator of the latest generation, with a fresh focus and dynamic management of communities of owners. We offer with qualified and specialized professionals which are guaranteeing you the conservation and the maintenance of your community in a optimal way as well as managing the finances efficiently and transparently.

What is our aim?

Our main aim is to understand the needs, worries and priorities of our clients and to adapt to them order to always achieve the best results. Our philosophy is based on a different approach, interaction with a client should be more than a mere business transaction, it should be a close relation built on trust.